Settling In

It has felt like this semester has been all about pushing me to define who I am.

  • I performed a Junior Recital that started to define who I would be as a performer.
  • I outlined my last few courses in my undergraduate career to finish defining my degree.
  • I started outlining my post-graduation plans to define my career.
  • I have been intentionally crafting my digital presence in two courses to define who I am to the outside world.

All these steps to define myself is ultimately causing me to actively begin to brand myself. But, branding seemed like the wrong term for an individual until recently.

Paul Wilson, a Marketing Technologist at Capgemini and author of the blog, described finding your brand as finding your superpower where passion, talent, and focus all meet.

With this definition of what a brand should do, my discomfort of calling it branding has been subsiding. However, it has been replaced with a discomfort of following through to clearly articulate my own brand and answer the question who am I and why I am special.

There is so much to consider to clearly articulate my brand.

Thankfully, Paul Wilson, walked one of my classes through some of the steps to consider in creating a brand for yourself.

First, find the place where my passion, talent, and focus meet.
What is my superpower?

Then, embrace what makes me different.
What can I offer that no one else is offer with my superpower?

After that, remain authentic.
Is this who I truly am as a person and is it being displayed?

Finally, connect to all the tools available to me.
How do I spread my personal brand?

These are some deep questions, that I honestly can say I haven’t put enough time into yet to give an articulate answer.

Yet, the process has begun.

The creation of this blog for a class has, in turn, created my home on the Internet. There are so many places on the Internet and through so many channels of social media that I could use to express my brand. But, this blog is that place for me.

A blog allows for well-thought out ideas to continue to grow and change just a person grows and changes. It provides space for conversations to emerge that in turn deepens connections and authenticity.

It can be quite scary to think about the outcome of branding myself even as I continue to define myself because it means sometimes showing some parts that aren’t the most beautiful.

However, someone once said “if you aren’t going to embrace your own ugliness, someone else will and then they control the story.”

Thanks to the constant pushing of this semester, now,  I am controlling my own story, learning my superpower, and settling into my new home.

This is something I look forward to continuing and these are just the words I have thus far.



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