That’s a Wrap

Today marks the end of another academic year for me.

And what a year it has been!

I feel as if I have grown more this year than any other year of my undergraduate career. Since I only completed my last exam a few hours ago, I have not had time to reflect upon the year and process all that has happened. I just know I am a different person than when I started in August.

One portion of this year that has really challenged me has been my psychology of social media course. Before this course, I did not consider myself very routine in using social media. However, this course has forced me to be consistent with my current social media and experiment with new forms including this blog.

The past few weeks I have focused my attention on a social media I have had for many years but rarely use, Pinterest.

I remember joining Pinterest and not really being sure what to do with it at first. I used it in the same ways I had seen my friends use it. I used it to collect ideas for my future life like going to college, getting married, and creating a home.

As life began to get busy, Pinterest was one of the things I gave up to give myself more time. This all changed when I was assigned to research Pinterest with a group for a final presentation in my psychology of social media class.

These past few weeks I have been rediscovering Pinterest, and I like what I am finding.

I learned through research that Pinterest has more uses that I had initially given it credit.

Pinterest really illustrates the commonality of humanity. When you pin something, you are 80% likely to get a repin while on Twitter you are only 1.4% likely to get a retweet. What is important to you is also important to others.

Pinterest also has massive amounts of resources and uses in education. Departments of Education such as Pennsylvania are using it to comply resources for teachers, students, and parents. This also encourages a greater dialogue between all three different groups.

This is only the tip of the iceberg of the information my group found about Pinterest.

To present our information, we created boards for each section of our research. When I was initially searching for information, the board was so helpful. I had one place that I could put all the information for my section.

However, as I prepared to present, I learned you cannot move pins around once they are on a board. This made navigating my board difficult. I had to know for certain which pin I wanted in order and what the widget looked like.

I was relying on the Smartboard in our classroom to work when I presented for me to personally navigate the confusing board. This did not work out as I had planned and so one of my group members tried to click on items from the computer.

This made me flustered and impacted my presentation in a negative way. I know I missed information because I was focused on the technology and prompting my group member.

To prevent this disaster again, I would spend more time being a careful curator and putting in the description section how to navigate the board in a presentation.

Combining public and private curation, after all, is one of the huge benefits of Pinterest to society.

While this presentation marked a wrap on my psychology of social media course, I have a feeling it only marks the beginning of my blogging adventure.


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