No More Second Guessing

I have considered many times over the past few years creating a blog. It all started as I began the transition from high school to college. I figured it would be the perfect way to document such an important time in my life. I even started planning out how I would design it and what I would write. Yet, something stopped me.

Actually two things stopped me – perfectionism and fear.

See these two things tend to occur when you have an overactive brain like mine. I am constantly thinking.  I have thoughts about my thoughts about my thoughts and so on. It’s no wonder that when I ran across the song “Second Guess Girl” by Sara Groves this summer it resonated so much with me.

However, this semester I am required to write a blog for a class about the psychology of social media. So as I prepared to take on this assignment, I started thinking of names for my blog. I was talking to someone about all the ideas I had come up with and concluded with “that’s all the words I have thus far.”  To which they said use that.

At first it puzzled me, but then I realized how fitting it truly was for this blog. It isn’t about the perfection but the unfolding of a larger story that is told little by little.

There is no need for second guessing anymore.

So here’s to the adventure of sharing my story and all the words I have thus far.